"Juneau" Print Design

Michael Barrow & the Tourists decided to do a limited run of physical cds with a 3-panel folding insert. I did all of the designs and provided the landscape photography. Other photography was provided by Jenna Harmon.

Client: Michael Barrow & the Tourists

Project completed: May 12, 2017

Juneau - Back Cover | This is the back cover of the Juneau album print.
Juneau - 6 Panel Insert - Outer | This is the insert for the limited run of Juneau. The middle panel is displayed directly inside the jewel case, with the left panel folded in.
Juneau - CD Label | This it the label for the physical CD inside the jewel case.
"Juneau" Album Cover | The front album cover for Juneau.
Juneau - 6 Panel Insert - Inner | This is the insert for the limited print run of Juneau. This is on the inside of the insert, which is revealed when you take the insert out of the case and unfold it.
Juneau - CD tray inside | This is underneath the CD inside the jewel case.